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Experience our unconventional vibrant skincare formulas that are rich in just-picked flowers & herbs from Farms & Farmer's Markets. We specialize in producing blends that give you a clear healthy looking complexion.

Blossoms are gathered gently by hand & bottled with care while just barely harvested. Some of this planting, picking & collecting we do ourselves. Our family farm history dates back to the 1950's.




Samantha Dickey is a native of the state of Pennsylvania.  She grew up in the town of State College and in the outskirts of Pittsburgh, PA. During her childhood, Samantha enjoyed visiting the farms owned by her Grandparents.  Her upbringing cultivated a love and curiosity for everything that is harvested from the earth.

Her love for The South led her to pursue her collegiate education at South Carolina State University, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology with Honors. During her college career, Samantha completed a Cooperative Education position with the United States Department of Energy Industrial Safety Branch at Savannah River Site and an intern doing Auto CAD for the Pepsi Cola Company.

After graduation, Samantha was awarded a full time position with Pepsi Cola where she supervised and managed the high quality production of a 20 million case a year manufacturing  facility.

Additionally, Mrs. Dickey held a position as a Project Manager for a firm that manages and assembles displays using plastic injection molding, blow molding, and vacuum forming as well as 4 color process printing on various medium including styrene. In 2000, Samantha launched 4D Engineering, Inc., with the purpose of performing high level drafting of warehouse layouts and implementation of the process designs she created.

After about 3 years, Samantha learned the term ‘natural skincare’ and was intrigued that the ingredients used in plant-based beauty formulas are the very same crops that grew on her ancestors farms.

Equipped with skills & passion for  Lab Science, Microbiology, Quality Control, Production, High Volume Blending, Graphics, Manufacturing, Engineering Technology, Plastics, and more, Samantha began formulating skin care based on the principals of math and science and the methodology of Feedback Control.

She has developed over 100 successful beauty formulas   and counting. 

Samantha is a wife, mother, and mentor in her community.


adviser | licensed holistic estheticianIcertified yoga instructor

Rebekah Warlick is a licensed Esthetician and owner of Lavandula Skin Spa  in Woodstock, GA.  Lavandula was created out of her passion and desire to make peoples days a whole lot better.

She wanted to create a space where you can come, relax, and leave feeling like the best version  of yourself.  Rebekah hopes to inspire other to embrace their natural beauty through holistic skincare & yoga.  She feels self-care is the best care and that we need to take the time out for ourselves to in turn make the world a better place.

Rebekah graduated from the 1000 hour skin care program at the Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics in 2013 & holds certificates in Medical Aesthetics Institute Dermed in Atlanta, Usui Reike Level 1 training, she is a graduate from Kay Flynt's Makeup Academy, & is certified in semi-permanent, individual lash extension application.

She specializes in a holistic approach to skin care recognizing that the skin needs to be healed from the inside out. Rebekah is the graduate of the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program through the Center of Yoga in Woodstock, Georgia.  

Rebekah wants others to recognize that yoga is for anyone and everyone and for every stage of life.  

She has a passion for restorative style classes and styles emphasizing alignment for safety and best practices.  Rebekah wants you to feel comfortable in her classes so you are able to expand your practice at your own pace.

Visit her website at lavandulaskinspa.com


adviser | plant nutrient expert I USDA certified organic farmer

Loretta Stephens Adderson is a  USDA certified organic farmer in Burke County, Georgia USA.  She and her husband, Samuel, grow produce on a 44 acre farm that was started by her parents. Loretta is from Keysville, Georgia and is the only daughter of a farmer and his wife. She grew up with 6 brothers in the farmhouse where she was delivered by a midwife. She is a proud graduate of Waynesboro High & Industrial School in Waynesboro, Georgia.

After graduation, Loretta was looking for employment.  Like many young ladies during the 1960’s, Loretta secured a job caring for a family in New York.  She got a train ticket and headed to The City for the first time.

Two years later, Mrs. Adderson yearned to attend college.  Because life on the farm sometimes limited primary school attendance, Loretta knew that she would need assistance gaining entrance.

With the help of her father and school administrators, Loretta was granted acceptance into Savannah State College.  There, she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Dietetics & Institutional Management with a minor in Chemistry.

Loretta met and married her husband Samuel in College, and after graduation, Loretta became a teacher at Choppee High School in Georgetown, SC. 

Samuel was drafted to Viet Nam soon after they were married.  When he returned to the USA, he was stationed in Carlisle, PA. This move created career advances for both Samuel & Loretta. Loretta worked as a Nutrition Assistant for Pennsylvania State University (Nittany Lions) Cooperative Extension Services ENE Program and for the State of Pennsylvania where she was Supervisor of Child Nutrition for the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Mrs. Adderson has also worked in Food Service at Fort Valley State College in Georgia and then at Oakland University in Michigan. Throughout her career, Loretta oversaw nutrition for more than 100,000 people.

Now as a retiree, Loretta is participating in even more important work.  Together with her husband, Mrs. Adderson owns and operates a USDA certified organic farm, is trained as an organic certifier, has established farmer’s markets in urban and rural areas, mentors and provides hands-on training for more than 10 farmers at a time, is well known in the community for sponsoring organic farming efforts, orders seeds, develops crop rotation and field layouts, harvests, sells at farmer’s markets, creates innovative farm products, uses the old-fashioned method to can fruits & vegetables, dehydrates plants, and is a Mentor to many aspiring growers & business owners. 

She is a caring family member, mother, and grandmother and a role model to many.

Visit their website at  www.AddersonsOrganicProduce.com


Skincare is a system where the desired result is a CLEAR HEALTHY LOOKING COMPLEXION 


When we want a different output regarding the look of our skin, we can fine tune these 3 inputs to achieve our chosen outcome.
Learning how our skin responds to the inputs we supply helps us modify the materials & activities we use so we attain the quality complexion we crave.
At Dirty Beauty, we formulate plant-based topical formulas and we help you choose the correct input for the results you desire.
  1. Drinking enough water to carry skin beautifying nutrients everywhere they are needed and to keep skin supple and well hydrated
  2. Wearing sunscreen to protect skin from preventable wrinkling and diseases
  3. Eating foods rich in vitamin C to aid in the synthesis of collagen
  4. Juicing and drinking whole leaf teas to supply skin with antioxidants 
  5. Enjoying foods rich in vitamin A to keep skin clear and smooth
  6. Relaxing to minimize the formation of fine lines on the face
  7. Exercising and meditating to feed a positive attitude that results in a pleasing countenance
  8. Sleeping in adequate amounts so the skin can replenish itself
  10. Working out face muscles with DIY exercises to keep skin lifted & fit
  11. Scheduling professional holistic facials with a licensed Esthetician to keep skin on track
  12. Visiting a Board Certified Dermatologist for skin conditions and concerns
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