Get smoother looking skin in about 3 months

Samantha Dickey

Check out these before and after pics and see how our model got smoother looking skin in about 3 months.

Carol uses STRIP, REVEAL, and SHEER daily now and these are her results after about 3 months of use.  She also uses SEE THRU once or twice a month or so.

So what she did here is when she uses STRIP, she cleanses her skin and removes any makeup and grime that accumulates throughout her day WITHOUT drying out her skin.  This keeps her skin plump and hydrated.

She then uses REVEAL to gently, very gently remove dead sluggish skin so that her complexion looks bright.  Again, this is done without the use of soap or any kind of detergent.  The soft grit from the organic oats dislodges surface debris and whisks it away so her skin shines.

SHEER locks in hydration because it's light and it's the type of formula that quickly absorbs into the top layers of skin, minimizing the evaporation of water without looking or feeling oily.

SEE THRU gives skin extra hydration with an aromatic mix of flowers & herbs.

This cleansing, buffing, and hydration allows her skin to look smoother because her routine removes surface congestion without destroying moisture.  

The result is a well hydrated glowing smooth complexion she cares for and is proud of.

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