Meat-free Zucchini Beauty Bacon

Samantha Dickey

Bacon for beautiful skin?  Yes please!

It’s actually zucchini bacon.

It’s actually zucchini.

A friend of mine made zucchini lasagna rolls and in that recipe the zucchini is sliced lengthwise.  I thought ‘that kinda looks like bacon’.  Um, no.  Now you know where my mind usually resides.  Yes, food.

So 1 medium zucchini has 60% vitamin C and 40% vitamin A so I’m adding to my beautiful skin micronutrient content when I chow down on this ‘bacon’.

This how we did it:

  • We heated up our grill-marked iron skillet with a coating a vegetable oil (we got ours from ‘Grandma’, she has lots of iron skillets and she happily shares them with us)
  • We sliced fresh zucchini lengthwise (we got ours from the farmer’s market from a grower we’ve bought from for years, that’s special)
  • Then we sprinkled our raw zucchini slices with smoke salt, that’s what adds the ‘bacon’ flavor
  • Next we put the seasoned zucchini slices on the medium hot iron skillet
  • To add weight, we put a smaller iron skillet on top of the zucchini (we got that iron skillet from ‘Grandma too’)
  • We let it cook and caramelize a little, we turned it over, and put the smaller iron skillet on the other side to add weight again.
  • Lastly we transferred it to a plate when it reached the tenderness we wanted (it was a little crisp still, just like bacon lol)

Fake bacon at its finest.

Zucchini bacon in an iron skillet

Dirty Beauty beauty bacon

Face food Zucchini

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