REVEAL can make your skin look smoother in about 2 months, BEFORE & AFTER pic

Samantha Dickey

Our skin is constantly being replenished from underneath to the outer surface that we readily see.  Our faces are constantly shedding even though we don’t really notice it.  This natural skin process is called desquamation.

Dead skin that is not ‘pushed out of the way’ can hang around, making complexions look dull.  AND those excess unwanted cells can contribute to clogged pores and breakouts if left unchecked.

REVEAL is a gentle face exfoliant and cleanser that can be used every day.  REVEAL is formulated into a soft, dry, and nourishing powder that’s activated when you add a little water to it.  It delicately buffs and polishes your skin surface, and at the same time invisibly dissolves the network of ‘glue’ that holds skin cells together.

REVEAL has a soothing scent that helps you and your skin feel more relaxed.  The easing of tension from face muscles helps keep skin looking firm rested and vibrant.

After rinsing, your skin looks and feels smoother after using REVEAL.

Carol, our beautiful Super Model, uses REVEAL and SHEER everyday (she uses STRIP too).  See her results after 2 months:

REVEAL by Dirty Beauty BEFORE and AFTER

  • In the BEFORE picture on the left, Carol is wearing makeup and the image was filtered and blurred (we didn’t know we were going to use it as a BEFORE picture at the time lol).
  • On the AFTER pic taken in September, Carol is not wearing any makeup and there is no blurring. Her complexion looks more smooth (and radiant!) after using REVEAL (and SHEER) for 2 months
  • Also, in the AFTER picture, Carol has a more pronounced smile (lovely, right?) and the BEFORE picture there is less smiling and still her skin looks smoother on the right.

All of her face beauty is enhanced because she works out with a trainer regularly, she cooks all kinds of healthy stuff, and she has a fun upbeat outlook!

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