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Understanding how to keep our skin pretty during different beauty stages puts our best faces forward all the time.  Teen skin is one of the stages that seems to be always changing.

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Understanding how to keep our skin pretty during different beauty stages puts our best faces forward all the time.  Teen skin is one of the stages that seems to be always changing.

Tuning into our skin’s needs lets us respond in a way that helps us keep our faces beautiful and healthy to the best of our abilities.  Together with our estheticians and/or dermatologists we can keep our skin gorgeous even when it seems out of control.

When we look our best, we feel more confident.


This quote from Lavandula Skin Spa in Historic Downtown Woodstock, Georgia tells the start of pretty faces.

The underlying structure of our skin we DON’T see is the DERMIS and that’s the part of the skin where nutrients are supplied (by what we eat and drink).

Collagen is a protein found in the dermis and vitamin C is used to make collagen.  So eating fresh foods that are rich in vitamin C every day can help us supply our skin with the nutrients it needs to keep it looking how we want it.

Here are some foods that have notable amounts of vitamin C for our beauty and happy eating:

Sweet peppers


Strawberries (try organic when you can)







and more

Vitamin A is another skin beauty nutrient // in fruits and vegetables, vitamin A is found in:

Sweet potatoes








Butternut squash

and more


The part of the skin everyone sees is the EPIDERMIS

The job of our outermost layer of skin is to keep disease-causing bacteria out (for health) and water in (for moisture so that it stays flexible)



Acne vulgaris occurs when extra dead skin cells and sebum (the ‘skin oil’ that our body makes) clog pores and then become inflamed

There are many types of acne, when we encounter acne it’s best to consult an esthetician and/or dermatologist to get clarity and advice on the type we’re experiencing and proper treatment.

Acne vulgaris (the most common type) is caused by an increase of production of the androgenic hormone especially during teen years.

This can cause an increase in sebum production (skin oil, needed to keep your skin hydrated, flexible, and waterproof).

Maybe our bodies are thinking ‘since they’re getting taller and they have more skin surface area, I need to make more oil’ // this is true, however too much oil on the skin mixed with dead skin cells can clog our pores.


Remove makeup from your face

If you’re a teen girl or guy wearing makeup it’s important that you remove your makeup every time you’re done wearing it.  Some liquid/cream foundations, moisturizers, and heavy blushes and shadows may contain ingredients that clog your skin’s pores.

If you can, use formulas that are non-comedogenic (ones that don’t clog pores) and use and oil based and/or surfactant cleanser to remove your makeup.  Oil and water do not naturally mix so just trying to rinse off your makeup doesn’t do much if anything.



Here’s how you use STRIP:

Shake the bottle to mix the oils (they are non pore clogging oils) with the surfactant (to help it foam up and rinse all makeup away with water)

Add a pump to your clean hands and rub your hands together

Gently massage your skin with the mixture to ‘melt away’ and dissolve makeup and grime

Add some water to your hands then massage the water onto your skin that’s covered with STRIP makeup remover

Rinse your skin well with warm water

Use a clean white washcloth (organic if you have it) and get it wet with warm water

Ring out the washcloth

Press the washcloth onto your face to remove makeup and debris (don’t rub)

Keep rinsing out the washcloth and press again until all makeup is off of your face


Keep makeup brushes clean (we use Dirty Beauty LATHER to clean our brushes, just wet makeup brush and swirl it in LATHER and rinse out your brush all the way.  Let it sit on the edge of your bathroom counter to dry)

Keep your hands off of your face throughout the day.  Our skin needs to breathe, and oil on our hands as well as grime and bacteria can irritate our skin and contribute to breakouts.  #letitbe

Cleanse and buff off dead skin cells and polish your skin

Extra dead skin cells need to be rinsed away to keep skin clear and smooth.  It’s part of our skin’s natural process to make new skin and shed the uppermost layer.

Our uppermost layer of skin is our barrier, and that layer is held together by a sort of ‘skin glue’.  Exfoliation helps to remove skin cells that could end up hanging around, combining with excess oils, clogging our pores, and result in unwanted acne.



REVEAL is made with whole organic oat grains.  Dirty Beauty finely powders the formula to create miniature face ‘buffers’.  These tiny ‘buffers’ are just a little more firm than our skin.  The light  friction of the nourishing grains against our skin helps loosen up unwanted dead skin cells and whisk them away when we rinse it off.  Papaya is an enzymatic exfoliant, it helps dissolve and loosen up that ‘skin glue’ to further encourage the removal of dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.

Here’s how you use REVEAL:

Wash your hands and dry them well (grime and bacteria on your hands can transfer to your face)

Pour ½ teaspoon to 1 teaspoon or so into your clean palm

Add about the same amount of water and mix it in your hand to make a thin skin cleansing milk

Massage the mixture onto your skin and allow it to penetrate

Leave it on for up to 60 seconds (it may begin to feel ‘tingly’)

Rinse it off completely



LATHER is traditional ‘black soap’ we pack in an easy to use jar and couple it up with a face brush you use to apply it to your face.  LATHER is very clarifying and can be used once or twice a week if your skin is producing lots of extra oil

Here’s how you use LATHER:

Take the top off of the soap jar

Wet the facial brush

Swirl the wet brush into the soap jar and work up a lather

Sue gentle strokes across your skin

Avoid your eyes because it’s super sting-y (don’t get any in your eyes at all)

Rinse your skin well

Rinse out your brush and let it dry

You can just leave the lid off of the LATHER jar all the time

Purify your skin

Once a week or every 2 weeks or so deep cleaning pores can help keep them open and clog free between visits to your esthetician (try a ‘holistic’ facial spa like Lavandula Skin Spa if you’re in Woodstock, GA or a local ‘natural skincare spa’ in your area’).  Specific types of clay masks can help ‘draw out’ skin impurities



Here’s how you use DIRTY:

Use DIRTY once a week or once every other week

Wash your hands and dry them well (grime and bacteria on your hands can transfer to your face)

Pour ½ teaspoon to 1 teaspoon or so into your clean palm

Add about the same amount of water and mix it in your hand

Massage the mixture onto your skin and allow it to penetrate

Leave it on for up to 5 minutes (it may begin to feel ‘tingly’, if it does, rinse it off sooner)

Rinse it off completely


You can PLAIN YOGURT as a refreshing and skin enhancing gentle mask, too

Just choose a plain yogurt (one with no added fruit or sugars, organic would be good too)

Use about 1 Tablespoon or so and spread it on your clean face and neck

Leave it on for about 5 minutes and then rinse it off

Make sure all traces cleansers are removed and refresh your skin (optional)



Here’s how you use CLEAN:

Shake CLEAN astringent well

Moisten a cotton ball with CLEAN

Press into skin and gently wipe cotton ball near hairline and below chin to make sure all grime and trace amounts of cleansers are removed


You can use pure WITCH HAZEL for this too

It’s usually found in the Health & Beauty section

Trap in water to keep skin radiant looking

Moisture is one of the keys to skin health.  Healthy skin does its ‘job’ by providing a protective barrier around your being.

When skin is too dry, it can ‘break and crack’ and create openings and pathways for small harmful substances in our environments to cause preventable discomfort.



SHEER is a light face oil that does not clog pores, and it helps water from evaporating which helps keep our skin stronger and more beautiful.

Here’s how you use SHEER:

Dispense 1 pump of SHEER onto your clean hands

Gently press and lightly massage SHEER onto your damp skin

Protect your skin from the sun

Find a sunscreen formula for your complexion and one that does not block your pores.  Direct over exposure to sun rays (including ‘tanning’ beds) is the number 1 cause of skin damage, and can even be deadly.


Taking the extra time we have to cleanse and nourish our skin is good for us and others, it’s our most important beauty ‘accessory’ because we wear it every day.  We love connecting on FB / IG / P / TWITTER and more it's just some of screen time can be used for skincare time so we look just as good in person as we do on Instagram

Gorgeous skin makes our jewelry, glasses, makeup, clothes, and haircuts look even better.  And we have more confidence and we’re bolder and stronger when we look our best.

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