We don't always wear makeup, but when we do, it's mineral makeup by Dirty Beauty, here's 12 reasons why

Samantha Dickey

  1. It’s water resistant (so when we’re at the beach or working out or at the Farmer’s Market and it’s 90 degrees, our makeup doesn’t run)
  2. It offers great coverage (for occasions when we want flawless selfies/pics, our best face shines forward while still looking like ourselves + everyone has a camera so we’re ready for amateur impromptu photo shoots and us-ies)
  3. It lasts all day (who has time to apply makeup more than once per day? Who has time to apply makeup once per day?)
  4. It’s very lightweight (it feels like we’re not wearing any, with all the benefits of wearing it)
  5. It doesn’t clog our pores (so our skin breathes)
  6. It’s oil free
  7. It’s a naturally sourced alternative to conventional makeup (it goes along with our clean-eating-healthy-living lifestyle)
  8. It adheres naturally to our skin
  9. It’s a powder that can be made into a liquid foundation in about 2 seconds (we mix a little of our WHISPER mineral makeup by Dirty Beauty with our SHEER light face oil and we get silky makeup with a little more coverage)
  10. It makes our skin look less oily, more glow-y
  11. It provides a shine-free matte finish
  12. It’s got skin loving zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in the mix (it's like an extra layer between our skin and the environment, and the formula we use, WHISPER by Dirty Beauty, is blended with Rice Powder instead of talc)

Why we wear mineral makeup when we wear makeup

Dirty Beauty mineral makeup sample

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