Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day!

Happy 3.14 aka Pi Day!

Here at Dirty Beauty, we leverage math & science to develop high quality cosmetic formulas.

We weigh, measure, calculate, research, and experiment to produce excellence in cosmetics.

We are always cheering on STEM occasions and today is no exception!

As a Brand, we highlight Make-up X STEM as our unique niche and we have an abundance of requests for solutions in that realm.

Designing a strategic selling position is paramount in your success. Dominate a field that no one else can even come close to!

Formulate a Beauty Brand that is a cohesive fusion of what makes you YOU. And something that creates a profitable solution for what your impact community needs, wants, and is willing to pay for.

This Pi Day, we’re thinking about cosmetics packaging in its many forms. We’re looking forward to seeing Manufacturers develop more planet-friendly packaging options now and in the ongoing future.

There are lots of ‘stock’ packaging to choose from to make your niche cosmetics user-friendly for your impact group. Leverage graphics technology to make sure your cosmetics are high design to coincide with your superior quality. Our guidebook, DIY Beauty Labels, can elevate your DIY startup graphics and packaging.

We want to hear from you! What topics do you want to read more about? Let us know in the comments!

Samantha Dickey [@ LinkedIn] is a Lab Coach, STEM Advocate and an expert in small-scale Color Cosmetics Manufacturing & Graphics Technology.

Her early career days included AutoCAD drafting, around-the-clock manufacturing in production quantities of multi-millions per year, and Lab Science testing & corporate Leadership.

Her professional skills & talent includes meticulously drafting detailed workflows for organizational excellence and high quality high design products & experiences.

She continues to make strides in STEM by empowering teens & lab-scale producers in cosmetics manufacturing technology.



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