Here's what you get from your $2500 investment in our Lip Gloss Masterclass

Here's what you get from your $2500 investment in our Lip Gloss Masterclass

Wondering what you'll achieve by investing in yourself using our $2500 US Lip Gloss Masterclass? Here's what you'll gain...


You'll gain the know how to manufacture professional looking high performance Lip Gloss on a small scale. Our Lip Gloss Masterclass can save you decades of time and thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars and more. You'll benefit from a totally streamlined Guide on how to manufacture Lip Glosses that are beautiful and give your customers amazing results instantly. We recommend a foundation of training and further education of some sort. This includes a Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorate in Cosmetic Chemistry [as applicable], Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, and/or a Certification in Cosmetology from accredited institutions. Additionally, education in Marketing, Sales, and Entrepreneurship can also give you the structure you need. Even though a Degree or Certificate is not required to manufacture cosmetics in the United States, dedication, drive, and extreme attention to details are part of the skill set needed to manufacture products of excellence.


Our Lip Gloss Masterclass includes one Lip Gloss Base Formula, one Lipstick Base Formula, one Lip Balm Formula, one Liquid Matte Lipstick Standard Operating Procedure, and more than 4 Pigment Formulas you can use to manufacture Lip Cosmetics. Product research & development can easily cost $6000 US and more per SKU [Stock Keeping Unit] and you'll gain access to at least 16 SKUs. Product formulas are thousands of dollars and their worth can be limitless. It can take up to 5 years and longer to develop & test one successful formula. Almost everything we use and consume is a proven design, formula and/or completely successful engineering process. The gasoline that fuels engines, our favorite burrito, the classic handbag, the soft drink, the secret sauce on our sandwich of choice. Proven formulas are extremely valuable.


A 'yes' to a job you create for yourself. A 'yes' to a career in the beauty industry manufacturing cosmetics. A 'yes' to adding a collection of makeup products to your professional services. A 'yes' to an empire. You create your own 'yes' to chart your own path. This can equate to an annual salary / net worth in the thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, and billions of dollars US and more. Think Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Carol's Daughter, Rodan & Fields, and many others.


You will have the opportunity to develop rare and valuable cosmetic formulas that can extend benefits through generations. This is challenging to accomplish with traditional jobs, sales-only efforts, and other business type models. If leaving a legacy is important to you, developing solutions for a specific impact group can be very lucrative.


Gaining the skills to transform humble raw materials into useable luxury cosmetics is profitable. You're using skills in math and chemistry to blend plant oils, extracts, and pigments and creating something more valuable and useable to humanity.


Selling cosmetic products your firm manufactures takes a confidence that is backed by experience and science. In order to have trust in your brand and processes, you must know all the ins and outs of what sound processes are and how to avoid mistakes caused by lack of experience.


You can create jobs and utilize our resource materials to train your production & lab technicians.


You'll receive a Production Planner, a Weekly Project Planner, and more so you can manage your operations with excellence and balance.


You'll have a full 6 months of access to our monthly Manufacturing Mastermind. Get your very specific questions answered for a full half year.


After you complete our Lip Gloss Masterclass and achieve a level of excellence in manufacturing, you can add foundations, highlighters, nail polish, eye shadows, blushes, bronzers and other cosmetics to your brand with additional resources. You'll be able to do this swiftly and accurately with the skills and knowledge you gain from our Masterclass.


Want to ease into the Lip Gloss Masterclass? Learn the ins & outs of Cosmetics Manufacturing with NATURAL MAKEUP MANUFACTURING. Next, try our Guidebook BRONZER FOR THE MASSES and follow up with NAIL POLISH PRO. You can always get our LIP GLOSS PRO and start with Lip Gloss Formulas with the guidebook only. And our Lip Gloss Masterclass has payment installment options available with our website host!


I wish I had a resource like our Lip Gloss Manufacturing Masterclass when I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey into cosmetics manufacturing. I wish I had me to talk to. I wish I had access to almost 30 years of manufacturing expertise and someone willing to share their experiences with me. I hope you'll enjoy and benefit immensely from our Lip Gloss Masterclass. I hope you make thousands of perfect shades and hues. I hope you discover and develop formulas that increase innovation on the planet. I hope you and yours are prosperous beyond measure!

Let's make Lip Gloss! And lots of other makeup!

Samantha Dickey [@ LinkedIn] is a STEM Advocate and an expert in lab-scale Color Cosmetics Manufacturing & Graphics Technology.

Her early career days included AutoCAD drafting, around-the-clock manufacturing in production quantities of multi-millions per year, and Lab Science testing & corporate Leadership.

Her professional skills & talent includes meticulously drafting detailed workflows for organizational excellence and high quality high design products & experiences.

She continues to make strides in STEM by empowering teens & lab-scale producers in cosmetics manufacturing technology.

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