Launch your own makeup lab in 4 steps

Launch your own makeup lab in 4 steps

Thinking about starting your own makeup brand but not sure where to begin? Follow our 4-step process and launch your lab!

There are a plethora of logistics to consider when contemplating starting your own cosmetic line. With the number of glam viral looks & swoony products on social media, owning your own beauty brand sounds lucrative & exciting.

And it is. It also demands careful attention to detail and many considerations. It can be daunting to try to figure out where to begin.

Then there's the necessary investments. Launching a beauty brand requires a diverse set of resources, including financial resources, to bring safe, stable products to market.

Our signature 4-step process to Launch Your Makeup Lab takes a 'ramp up' approach to starting your cosmetics line. You can decide with complete information whether or not manufacturing cosmetics in the United States is the right career path for you.


Step 1 is our FREE MASTERCLASS to determine if cosmetics manufacturing is the right fit for you. We give you behind the scenes information on what it's like, from day-to-day, to manufacture your own makeup brand as an entrepreneur in the US.

You can get this Masterclass, and others, in book form on Amazon, too.


Step 2 is our Bronzer for the Masses Masterclass. This online Masterclass takes you through the process of making your own 2-ingredient spray body oil bronzer.

Using just 2 ingredients, you get to experience cosmetics manufacturing for yourself on a super micro scale.

When your making your spray bronzer, ask yourself, 'do I like the chemistry of blending pigment with another ingredient to make a new product?'

Consider if you can imagine yourself doing this type of hands-on work everyday and if you think you would enjoy learning everything you can about cosmetic ingredients and manufacturing.

If the answer is 'yes', you can try STEP 3.


Step 3 is Nail Polish Pro, here, you'll be manufacturing nail polish colors from a pre-made base you purchase.

In the Nail Polish Pro Masterclass, you get to work with more pigments.

Since you'll be using a pre-made base that you purchase online from a US distributor, you can just focus on pigments & other production processes required for manufacturing makeup.

Just an FYI, the fumes associated with manufacturing nail polish requires adequate/abundant amounts of fresh air ventilation.


Step 4 is our signature on-demand online course; Makeup Manufacturing Masterclass (formerly, Lip Gloss Masterclass). By this time, you know for almost certain that you want to and are willing to invest the time, resources, education, and innovation involved with manufacturing your own collections of color cosmetics.

You'll gain access to all logistics needed to produce a vegan lip gloss base & vegan pigments. From there, you'll manufacture your prototypes based on the formulas we provide.

Then, you'll gain access to formulas & manufacturing instructions for Lipsticks, Tinted Lip Balms, Mineral Foundations, Highlighters, Blushes, and more.

With this knowledge & training, you'll be able to manufacture your own makeup brand as a small-scale manufacturing entrepreneur!

Samantha Dickey [@ LinkedIn] is a Cosmetic Scientist, STEM Advocate, and an expert in small-scale Color Cosmetics Manufacturing & Graphics Technology.

Her early career days included AutoCAD drafting, around-the-clock manufacturing in production quantities of multi-millions per year, and Lab Science testing & corporate Leadership.

Her professional skills & talent includes meticulously drafting detailed workflows for organizational excellence and high quality high design products & experiences.

She continues to make strides in STEM by empowering teens & lab-scale producers in cosmetics manufacturing technology.



Our small-scale formulated & manufactured products have features on Fox 5 Atlanta with Paul MillikenForbesCW69Travel Girl, Spotlyte Atlanta, The Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionFaces of AtlantaCBS 46Hype Hair Magazinetrade shows in Atlanta, New York & Hollywood and much much more.

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