What is small scale manufacturing?

What is small scale manufacturing?

Our very own internal definition of small-scale cosmetics manufacturing is producers who consistently earn $120,000 to $900,000 in sales per year with formulas they and their teams create and produce.

$120,000 per year in Lip Gloss sales at a retail price $20 is 6,000 tubes of Lip Gloss per year.

6,000 tubes of Lip Gloss per year is 500 Lip Gloss tubes per month.

500 Lip Gloss tubes per month is 125 tubes per week.

125 tubes per week is selling 25 tubes of Lip Gloss / 5 day week.

Manufacturing 500 Lip Gloss tubes, once practiced and mastered, can take a little more the 4 shifts (at about 4-6 hours per shift per technician).

A well equipped Lab (commercial or non-commercial in the United States) can manufacture high quality high design Lip Glosses and other cosmetics in a timeframe that achieves regular cycles of productive work and recharging/leisure while being innovative and impactful.

Precise workflow, processes, and adherence to regulatory guidelines are outlined in detail in our Lip Gloss Masterclass.

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Launch your Lab!

Samantha Dickey [@ LinkedIn] is a STEM Advocate and an expert in lab-scale Color Cosmetics Manufacturing & Graphics Technology.

Her early career days included AutoCAD drafting, around-the-clock manufacturing in production quantities of multi-millions per year, and Lab Science testing & corporate Leadership.

Her professional skills & talent includes meticulously drafting detailed workflows for organizational excellence and high quality high design products & experiences.

She continues to make strides in STEM by empowering teens & lab-scale producers in cosmetics manufacturing technology.



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