Work from home

Work from home

Want to work from home? Need extra income?  Looking for a second job?  Making your own Sugar Scrubs can be your answer...

Make Money Making Sugar Scrub is the perfect product for financial success. This e-book contains everything you need to know create your own sugar scrubs and start making money. With easy-to-follow instructions and top-notch ingredients, you can start enjoying the financial rewards of homemade sugar scrubs right away.

We developed this manual so people can have access to additional income in a way that can be done strategically, somewhat quickly, and effectively.

Recently, I was at a grocery store service counter.  The young person working that department said, 'you're lucky, I'm just about to clock out!'  I said, 'awesome!  so glad I got here before your shift is over!'

They went on to tell me that sometimes customers get frazzled when they have to close the service counter a little early.  They said, 'I've got to go to my second job now, I can't stay late and there's no one else here to take over'.

I said, 'Do what you gotta do!, you're doing amazing and it shows!'

They went on to say, 'Yeah, some people say my generation don't work hard but we're the ones out here working 2 jobs to pay the rent.  Right now I'm living at an extended stay; the apartments close by are an extra $500 more per month.  But if I live in an apartment, I won't eat'.

When they said that something inside of me shifted.  The 'won't eat' part changed me.  I wanted to do something immediately to become a Solution.

So we developed this money-making-manual using one of our iconic Sugar Scrub formulas.

This formula features brown sugar, lemongrass, and fractionated coconut oil.

When we designed this formula almost 20 years ago, it was meant to be a high performance, pleasantly fragrant body polish that's easy to ship.

We created the blend with the perfect amount of featherlight oils so it moisturizes the skin and minimizes leaks during transport.

And did this formula deliver!  This is one of our original formulas inspired by historic farms we visited during our childhood that grew sugar cane; the very farms that became part of the inspiration behind our brand name, Dirty Beauty.  And since then, its been part of our origin story while remaining a forever favorite spa quality body polish.

Here is our Gift to EVERYONE wanting to make extra money working from home.  An apartment home, a duplex, a ranch-style house, an extended stay, a studio, a campsite, whatever you've got.  We include recordkeeping forms and even online templates for professional looking labels in a snap.

It's designed to take you through the making process step by step; you'll be able to purchase necessary supplies a little at a time in a way that's systematic.

We made the startup purchase process easy where you can literally invest a few dollars a check until you can get everything you need; and you can get most everything from local stores and from Amazon.

There are a few 'catches'.  First, if you decide to go ahead semi-full-force you'll need to get insurance as soon as you can.  We designed it so you can use the funds you get through pre-sales & sales to get your insurance.  You must to have insurance to make this venture viable and to protect your interests.

Second, you have to be able to sell what you make.  We can help you learn the making part, however, you have to be able to sell your products.  You have to talk about your products and sell them.  This sugar scrub formula is a true pleasure to use.  It's like a 'spa-in-a-jar'.  It's a pick me up.  It's a positive self care agent.  It exfoliates the skin and leaves it feeling velvety & luxe.  It's got a beautiful scent that's sunny & crisp.  When you're talking about your sugar scrub, you have to convey the awesome benefits & value that come with using high performance spa products.  You have to sell what you make to make money.

Sugar Scrub body polish by Dirty Beauty

Here it is.  A Gift.  A solution.  An answer to the question, 'how can I make extra money working from home?'  Here's our option for you.  I used to sell Sugar Scrubs every week at our local farmer's market.  For over 10 years, every week, I made between $100 to around $500 every Saturday morning in less than 4 hours.

You can too.  You can make your own job.  You can make money on your schedule.  You can make more 'per hour' than what's being offered in the marketplace.  You can establish your own capital resources by learning new skills & leveraging your creativity & intellect & drive & innate abilities.

You can do this!  You got this!  GO FOR IT!

Samantha Dickey [@ LinkedIn] is a Cosmetic Scientist, STEM Advocate, and an expert in small-scale Color Cosmetics Manufacturing & Graphics Technology.

Her early career days included AutoCAD drafting, around-the-clock manufacturing in production quantities of multi-millions per year, and Lab Science testing & corporate Leadership.

Her professional skills & talent includes meticulously drafting detailed workflows for organizational excellence and high quality high design products & experiences.

She continues to make strides in STEM by empowering teens & lab-scale producers in cosmetics manufacturing technology.



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