Perfect-complexion-flawless-face foundation powder is custom blended to match your skintone. We combine pigments with breathable powders for amazing coverage. We also blend perfect cheek color, liquid lip color and custom eye shadows right before your eyes.


1. Click HERE and book your appointment

2. Choose your Date & Time 

3. Choose your beauty MIX product

4. We then send you a Beauty Survey to complete and submit
Please submit it to us at least 2 days before your appointment, thank you! (PLEASE NOTE: We recommend that you visit your Esthetician and/or Dermatologist regularly to determine your current skin type and needs. We are experts in Formulating & Manufacturing, we do not diagnose or treat skin conditions and/or skin diseases. Our Beauty Lab is located inside Lavandula Skin Spa where Rebekah Warlick is a licensed holistic Esthetician. Appointments can be made with her for a full analysis, facials, treatments, and maintenance.)

5. When you arrive for your appointment, we chat with you and finalize which of our plant-based formulas and ingredients work best for you

6. We pour your Beauty Bases and add the plants and essential oils for your personalized skincare

7. We label it and give you the instructions on how to use it

8. You purchase it and take it home the same day! (We let you know the final price before we MIX!)

That's it! Each appointment is for up to 1 hour to 1.5 hours, and may overlap with other Guests. 
 One (1) product per appointment, please. 

Book Your Lab Appointment
  • Custom Eye Shadow $35
  • Custom Lip Gloss $45
  • Custom Blush $65
  • Custom Foundation $85


We make exactly what you need
  • Custom LIP BALMS ($80 and up for 4 tubes)
  • Custom FACE CLEANSERS ($100 and up)
  • Custom FACIAL MOISTURIZERS ($135 and up)
  • Custom TINTED MOISTURIZERS ($200 and up)
  • Custom FACE OILS ($120 and up)
  • Custom FACIAL SERUMS ($160 and up)
  • Custom FACE MASKS ($65 and up)
  • Custom perfect match MINERAL FOUNDATIONS ($85 and up)
  • Custom BLUSHES ($65 and up)
  • Custom EYE SHADOWS ($45 and up)
  • Custom BODY CREAMS & BODY OILS ($120 and up)


  • Contact us on the tab below or email us that you want Custom Personalized Skincare and what products you're choosing []
  • We'll send you an order payment link for the sample product(s) we'll develop for you. Sample products cost between $80 - $120. This cost is Non-refundable, and is deducted if and when you purchase your full size product(s) of the same formula
  • After we receive your payment, we email you a survey about what you'd like your product(s) to do
  • Next, we schedule a call to get details and discuss your options
  • We'll develop your formula(s) and send your sample or samples to try. We'll chat again to finalize adjustments, if any. We'll let you know the cost of your full size product(s)
  • The samples are sent to you in 3 to 6 weeks
  • At that time, you purchase your full size product(s) which are ready in 2 to 4 weeks

Custom products are sold 1 to 2 units at at time. If you are looking for Custom Formulation & Manufacturing for your brand please CLICK HERE

Custom samples and Custom products are Non-refundable.
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