Thank you for your efforts & interests to collaborate with Dirty Beauty to create additional wealth-building Work From Home (WFH) Strategies & technical training opportunities in our collective Community.

Please review the strategies to accomplish our mission below; we'd love to hear your thoughts!  We are happy to accept your feedback on any of our social media Direct Message inboxes and/or here on our CONNECT form.



In order to provide Access to lucrative Work From Home Strategies, Dirty Beauty can:

  • Sell our book, Make Money Making Sugar Scrubs (MMMSS), in paperback form at your retail / pop-up / online store at a price of $60 each. We offer 20% to your organization as a commission
  • Provide a number of FREE digital copies of our book MMMSS to second-chance-type outreach efforts
  • Facilitate Special Event 'live recordings' of DIY Sugar Scrub production


In order to provide Training for interested individuals to make lucrative income Working From Home, Dirty Beauty has:

  • A comprehensive WORK FROM HOME (WFH) Manual that people can use to create additional income at a rate that has a greater benefit than current minimum/mid wage 'hourly rates of pay'
  • Online videos for easy-to-do processes as it relates to production & graphics
  • Collaborations with local Changemakers for community outreach


In order to Promote Technical Access & strategies for Working From Home as a tool of Wealth Building, Dirty Beauty can collaborate by:

  • Hosting occasional LIPSTICK ARITHMETIC teen STEM Workshops (starting at $900 per virtual Workshop)
  • Creating content around STEM & WFH strategies

At your acceptance & agreement, we are ready to do the following:

  • Place a select quantity of our book, Make Money Making Sugar Scrub, in paperback form at your retail location and provide 20% back to your Company/non-profit
  • Provide a number of FREE digital and paperback copies of our book to your Second Chance outreach efforts
  • Schedule LIPTSTICK ARITHMETIC teen STEM classes for local / virtual teens/pre-teens (starting at $900 per virtual Workshop)

Thank you again for your willingness to join Forces to further lead our communities to paths of greater Joy & Abundance!