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Dirty Beauty Cosmetic Lab

1:1 Virtual Coaching

1:1 Virtual Coaching

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1:1 Cosmetics Manufacturing Virtual Coaching Sessions with Samantha

Already have a Beauty Product line you manufacture? Do you have a Business that needs Standard Operating Procedures to drive profit and lean activities?

Do you want to consult with a Process Engineering Technician & Beauty Manufacturing Professional to streamline & document your systems?

  • We have more than 25 years of experience in Manufacturing Operations, Standard Operating Procedures, Operations Process Development & Improvement, Lab Operations, Sanitation & Microbiology, Natural Cosmetics Formulating, Good Manufacturing Practices, Warehousing & Inventory, Technical Communications, Website Template Design, Packaging Design, Beauty Product Label Design and more
  • We schedule a telephone consultation with you to answer your Business Operations, Cosmetics Production & Manufacturing questions
  • We brainstorm with you about your Business & Beauty Business Operations
  • Request a Quote for Project Engineering, Management & Production including Technical Communications & SOP's,
Current lead time for a Consultation Session is 4 to 6 weeks.  Questions?  Contact us.

Consultation topics can include:

  1. How to set up a startup Lab on a budget
  2. Procedures for Equipment Sanitation
  3. Procedures for Packaging Sanitation
  4. Procedures & Documentation for Product Quality Control
  5. Procedures & Documentation for Raw Materials Quality Assurance
  6. Procedures for Documenting Inventory
  7. Basic guidelines for USA Cosmetics Laws
  8. Procedures on how to conduct an internal GMP Audit
  9. How to implement GMP into your Production Operations
  10. Procedures & Documentation on how to Qualify Vendors
  11. How to implement Product Hold Procedures
  12. How to implement concepts of Visual Workplace to streamline Operations
  13. How to utilize 5S to revamp your Lab & Manufacturing Operations
  14. How to implement Good Lab Practices
  15. How to implement a Personnel Training Program
  16. How to implement Product Manufacturing SOP's
  17. How to choose what products to Formulate & Manufacture
  18. Concepts in Sales Operations
  19. Concepts in developing Standard Operating Procedures
  20. Concepts in developing Website Content
  21. Concepts in the development of a compelling Brand Story
  22. Concepts in effectively utilizing website platforms for streamlined Marketing & Sales
  23. Concepts in developing effective Corporate Strategies for brand longevity
  24. Concepts in Microbiology
  25. Plant-based Formulas you're working on

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