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Dirty Beauty Makeup Lab

Custom Cosmetics Formulating

Custom Cosmetics Formulating

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We specialize in formulating color cosmetics for face & body

Our Custom Cosmetics Formulating service provides a reliable and professional cosmetic scientist who can help with any type of skincare formulating. Our expert has a wealth of experience in the cosmetics industry and can provide surefire formulas to transform your ideas into a profitable reality.

You're getting:

  • A safe, stable, profitable, and high performance custom cosmetic formula that you individually own and have the rights to produce as you choose
  • A cosmetic scientist developing your formula in a small fraction of the time and cost that it would take for you to study, research, develop, test, validate, and create a repeatable procedure for a safe stable high performance product on your own
  • A detailed instruction manual on how to manufacture your high quality small-batch formula yourself and/or with your team
  • High design packaging ideas to give your product prestige brand status
  • The latitude to create additional variations of your product as you determine
  • The option to scale your product with high volume manufacturers (they will Invoice you for additional lab fees to adjust your formula to their equipment, however, you still always have the small batch formula that you own)

Makeup & Skincare formulating only takes about 18 to 24 months; the benefits can last for generations

  • More complex formulations can take up to 5 years and more
  • Immediately after purchasing your Custom Formulating lab fees, we will send your Formulating Agreement for signature (required)
  • Each requestor can secure 1 product (SKU) formula per calendar year; this exclusive Service has limited availability and we work with just a few companies at a time
  • You can submit your Custom Cosmetics Formulating lab fees here on our website; there are various online payment options available
  • Alternatively, we are happy to send you an Invoice for $4000 US to begin the process, then a second Invoice of $4000 when our in-Lab testing is completed (in approximately 4 to 8 months and longer), and the third $4000 when your final formula is complete and your SOP documents are ready to send (in about month 12 to 24 and longer)
  • Please send us a message to request an Invoice be sent to your company email address
  • Upon discussion & a signed agreement, formulas that include rare and/or complicated to source ingredients and carry additional complexity of methodology & production will receive additional Invoicing
  • Cosmetics formulated by Dirty Beauty are suitable for manufacture & sale only in the United States
  • To get started, we'll request information about your product formula via email.  Please check your Inbox & SPAM folder, if necessary, in 1 to 3 business days

You're receiving:

  • 1 Custom Formula (1 SKU) based on your written desired parameters
  • 1 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) via PDF download so you/your team can manufacture your formula @ 120 units per run
  • Scale up procedures for some cosmetics when optimal
  • 1 Bill of Materials (BOM) for each SKU including current pricing for recommended supplies
  • 1 Supplier List for you to purchase small batch quantities for ingredients & packaging (US-based)
  • 1 Equipment List for you to use to purchase supplies needed to manufacture your formula in small batch quantities
  • In-lab Quality Control procedures you can use; you will need additional testing from an Independent Lab that you choose
  • Quarterly (every 3 months) email updates on the status of your formula until completion
  • 1 lab sample plus up to 3 additional revisions based on your written feedback (if desired, additional samples are $600 each)
  • Manufacturing resources via PDF downloads for product Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC)
  • Full ownership & exclusive rights to your secret formula forever
  • 1 complete production video to provide full details about the manufacture of your final formula (sent after completion & acceptance of your final formula and processing of all Lab Fees)

The types of Cosmetics formulate are:

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acid Exfoliants, for body
  • Anhydrous Body Butters
  • Aromatherapy Dry Body Oils
  • Aromatherapy Roll-on Oils
  • Bath Salts, essential oil based
  • Body Butters, essential oil based
  • Body Butters, fragrance oil based
  • Body Lotions, emulsified
  • Body Oils, essential oil based
  • Body Oils, fragrance oil based
  • Body Polishes, salt
  • Body Polishes, sugar cane
  • Blush, loose mineral powder
  • Bronzers, loose mineral powder
  • Bronzer, body balms
  • Body Polishes / Body Scrubs
  • Brow Pomades
  • Concealers, anhydrous
  • Face Cleansers, oil based surfactants
  • Face Exfoliants, plant-based grains
  • Face Masks, powder
  • Face Moisturizers, emulsified
  • Face Oil Serums
  • Face Serums, water based
  • Eye Shadows, loose mineral powder
  • Foundations, loose mineral powder
  • Highlighters, loose mineral powder
  • Lip Butters / Lip Balms
  • Lip Butters / Lip Balms, tinted
  • Lip Glosses
  • Lipsticks, classic
  • Liquid Matte Lipsticks
  • Nail Polishes, from a pre-made base you purchase
  • Plant-based body cosmetics
  • Plant-based face cosmetics
  • Plant-based makeup
  • Soap, melt & pour
  • Vegan body cosmetics
  • Vegan face cosmetics
  • Vegan makeup

Cosmetics we do not currently formulate:

  • Hair Dyes
  • Internationally manufactured / sold cosmetics (currently, we formulate cosmetics for manufacture in the United States only)
  • Mascara
  • Perfume
  • Soaps, hot process

Cosmetics we do not formulate:

  • Any cosmetic with medical claims
  • Pharmaceuticals (pharmaceuticals are not cosmetics)
  • Sunscreen (sunscreen is a pharmaceutical in the US)
  • Insect repellent (insect repellents require additional registration)

All Custom Formulating Lab Fees are final.  No refunds, no exchanges, no transfers.

Our small-scale formulated & manufactured products have features on Fox 5 Atlanta with Paul MillikenForbes, CW69, Travel Girl, Spotlyte Atlanta, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Faces of Atlanta, CBS 46, Hype Hair Magazine, trade shows in Atlanta, New York & Hollywood and much much more.

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