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Nail Polish Pro Ebook

Nail Polish Pro Ebook

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Creating a collection of amazing Nail Polishes from a pre-made base can be a perfect start to a career in cosmetics manufacturing

  • It's an 'easier' way to get started, to test your compatibility with producing cosmetics on a small and rewarding scale
  • Launching a collection of nail polishes is a startup point for working with pigments and getting into necessary manufacturing practices

Additionally, you'll get a chance to test your marketing, branding, and sales efforts

  • Gain insight on how to setup Your Nail Polish Lab
  • We'll guide you through purchasing your raw materials
  • Discover detailed information on sanitizing your supplies
  • Leverage nail polish manufacturing techniques
  • Explore DIY product labeling options
You'll gain access to:
  • High quality formulas that produce high quality profitable cosmetics
  • Insider information on how to manufacture high quality cosmetics
  • Pro tips on where to buy materials
  • Information on the tools you need to manufacture high quality Lab-scale cosmetics
  • Up-close images on how to produce popular high quality cosmetics

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Nail Polish Pro book by Samantha Dickey on Amazon

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