PURIFY face collection for retail

$ 1,980.00
PURIFY face collection for retail

Case of 12 kits

A complete natural skincare system for oily & breakout prone skin.

Our skin needs oil.  Our bodies make oil to keep our skin barrier function integrity in check.  'Oily' skin makes a little more oil than our skin needs, and that extra oil can combine with environmental debris and clog our pores.

To combat this extra oil (without eliminating the amount of oil we need) we can:

  • Reduce the amount of debris (i.e. dead skin) on our skins surface by gently exfoliating and whisking it away
  • Reduce/eliminate putting additional oils on our skin
  • Gently clarifying the surface of our skin to reduce the amount of oil that may be accumulating
  • Balancing moisture levels without introducing additional oils
  • Choosing lightweight moisture retaining barriers that do not clog pores

PURIFY skin care system accomplishes these actions using plant based formulas that are gentle and high performance.

REVEAL 8 ounce

REVEAL is a soap-free cleanser and exfoliater that breaks up surface debris, cleans with over drying (over drying causes an increase in oil production), and helps whisk unwanted dead skin from your skins surface.  One 8 ounce bottle of REVEAL is good for about 120 uses.  Use REVEAL daily for cleansing and exfoliating.

BLACK soap 1 ounce

BLACK soap is the traditional soap that is handmade by women in communities in Africa.  The all natural formula is rich in glycerin, which draws moisture to the skin, as well as ash, that absorbs oil.  BLACK soap allows excessive oil particles to be easily washed away.  Our BLACK soap comes in a jar with a brush and can last 3 to 6 months.  Because it is so glycerin rich, traditional Black Soap in its bar form gets super soft and it washes away quickly.  Use BLACK soap once or twice a week to clarify oily skin surfaces.

STRIP 1 ounce

STRIP is an oil based surfactant cleanser.  Here we are using oil to dissolve oil (because oil and water do not mix).  The surfactant helps rinse all the oils away, gently.  STRIP is for removing makeup and prepping your skin for keep cleansing.  Use STRIP to remove makeup and when your doing a weekly facial.

BUFF 1 ounce

BUFF is for extra exfoliating.  It can be blended with water, STRIP or REVEAL, or with yogurt or honey for deep cleaning facial.  BUFF has a medium grit texture to be used once a week or once every 2 weeks.  The BUFF jar holds 10 to 12 uses.

DIRTY 1 ounce

DIRTY is a clay/ash face mask that uses shrink-swell technology.  Shrink-swell is the ability of a given clay to swell when wet and shrink when dry.  You mix DIRTY powder mask with water and gently apply to skin.  As your mask dries, the shrinking action pulls debris from the surface of your skin for a deep cleaning.  Use DIRTY once every 2 weeks.

PURIFY 1 ounce

PURIFY is an oil-free moisture serum that is super light weight.  It's packed with humectants to attract moisture to your skin.

LOVE 1 ounce

LOVE is a complexion milk that holds in moisture without clogging your pores, when you want a light lotion texture moisturizer.

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