RADIANT BRIDE skincare collection

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RADIANT BRIDE skincare collection

A brightening natural skincare boost for brides-to-be

***Start this system at least 60 to 90 days before your wedding

STRIP 1 ounce

STRIP is an oil based surfactant cleanser.  Here we are using oil to dissolve oil (because oil and water do not mix).  The surfactant helps rinse all the oils away, gently.  STRIP cleanses with oil without drying out your skin.  Use STRIP to remove makeup when you're wearing it.  Use STRIP to gently remove daily makeup so that your skin is soft and supple and that it looks and feels smooth.

REVEAL 1 ounce

REVEAL is a soap-free cleanser and exfoliater that breaks up surface debris, cleans with over drying (over drying causes an increase in oil production), and helps whisk unwanted dead skin from your skins surface.  Use it once or twice a week to naturally brighten your complexion for glowing skin so your skin radiates from beneath your makeup

Use REVEAL once a week for a gentle deep cleansing moisture mask by leaving it on your skin for 3 to 5 minutes.  You can blend it with plain yogurt, water, or honey.

BUFF 1 ounce

DIRTY 1 ounce

LOVE 1 ounce

LOVE is a complexion milk that holds in moisture without clogging your pores, when you want a light lotion texture moisturizer.

SHEER 1 ounce

SHEER light face oil locks in moisture without a greasy oil feel.  It is lightweight and you can use it everyday to help make your skin look more clear and smooth.  Apply it to wet skin.

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